Eco Tours

Dantewada offers you an opportunity to delve into the ecologically sustainable nature-based tours. With its pristine beauty, Dantewada is a land of some exotic natural sites, forest sites and wildlife sites. The vast topography of Dantewada offers you to get an insight in the flora and the fauna of this region. Eco Tours to these sites will take you closer to the lap of nature where you can applaud its creation. These Eco Tours will surely help you to understand the cultural and natural history of the environment around. Through these Eco Tours, contribute to the conservation and protection of natural resources. Subterranean caves, river trails and many more will cater to all your desires.

Eco-Ethno Tours

Dantewada is home to one of the most primitive human settlements. Tribes residing over here have discrete customs and rituals like the practice of Ghotul. Eco-Ethno Tours to the cultural sites, ethnic villages and natural sites of Dantewada will endorse you to have unique experience. With distinctive culinary practices, rich cultural heritage and customs, extraordinary landscape, these Eco-Ethno tours will stimulate you with adrenaline rush. Enjoying natural beauty while involving in the local lifestyle of tribals, comprehending their attire and means of entertainment is a must-have experience. Through these Eco-Ethno Tours, you will get involved in the cultural heritage and unique history of Dantewada.

Archaeological Tours

Dantewada has a rich historical background dating back to many centuries ago. In order to appreciate the real beauty of ruins and some very old temples, Archaeological Tours serve best to this intent. Comprehensive tours to the remnants and temples will indulge you to know more about this historically significant land. The first iron cemetery of Dantewada with age-old tradition of erecting memory pillars will astonish one’s eyes to bewilderment. Dantewada has sites which were once the seat of many ruling dynasties and witnessed the golden era of that time. These Archaeological Tours proves to give you an overview of the diverse fascinating history, art and traditions of the land.

Heritage Walks/Drives

Heritage Walks/Drives are the unique means to engage with the history and culture of a place. Uncover the wealth of history and culture of the tribal land of Dantewada through Heritage Walks/Drives. Experience the sense of timelessness while exploring these historical sites. Dantewada has the rich history of ruling dynasties who constructed magnificent temples with beautiful architecture under their reign. Also, the city of temples and lakes in Dantewada will let you explore the cultural heritage on foot. With these Heritage Walks/Drives, lose yourself to the captivating elegance of these historical wonders.

Religious Tours

Embrace eternal peace at one of the Shaktipeethas of India at Dantewada. Devi Danteshwari is the presiding deity over the tribal land of Dantewada. Through Religious Tours to Dantewada, amplify your emotions at the holy shrine of goddess and experience holy divinity. The temple of Devi Danteshwari is on the confluence of rivers Shankini and Dankini. Religious Tours will make you acquainted about the prevalent legends and folklores of the history of Danteshwari temple. Through this tangible experience, get associated with the culture.

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