Community Tourism

Community Tourism is an initiative by the District Administration of Dantewada with the objective to develop the skill of people, especially socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Dantewada region, and provide livelihood and job opportunities in Tourism sector. For the purpose, the District Administration has been supporting the not-for-profit organizations undertaking programs for training and skill development of local people and sensitizing them about the importance of conserving the natural resources and utilize them efficiently for their livelihood.

Development of Tourist Sites

Realizing the potential of tourism, especially the eco-ethno-cultural tourism in the district, the District Administration of Dantewada has been actively developing the tourists sites in the district. The biggest challenge in tourism sector in the district is the natural terrain of the tourists spots, which, on the one hand undoubtedly preserve the natural environment, but at the same time makes them inaccessible for general public. Hence, every year, the District Administration has been regularly identifying the specific locations and slowly and steadily providing basic infrastructure like proper roads, tribal huts, homestays and basic amenities like public toilets at the tourist spots.

Plastic Free

Keeping in view the delicate ecology of the district and in order to further the Swach Bharat Mission, the District Administration has been extremely vigilant while developing the tourist spots and specifically making them “Plastic Free Zones.” In order to conserve the environment and successfully implement the program, the District Administration organizes various camps and programs from time to time to increase awareness in the local people as well as tourists towards eco-friendly tourism.

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